Saturday, 17 July 2010

Something simple for a lazy Saturday

Well, well, well I'm back! I have been seriously lakcing in the update department (my last post was shockingly a month ago). This isn't to say I haven't been cooking and baking my little heart out over the past 4 weeks, in fact  I have a whole stack of recipes just queueing up to be shared with you, all of them more eager than the next to have their nummyness (if that wasn't a word before I definitely just made it one) immortalised in picture and word form. I promise these recipes are on their way but first here's one which jumped the queue a little (or a lot) partly because it's flavours are still fresh in my mind (and remnants still fresh on my fingertips) but mainly because it's one of those recipes which I bundled together myself after rummaging around in my fridge for scraps that would make a half decent meal.

I woke up this morning with the overwhelming desire to make a quiche. Don't ask me why, I have never had the desire to make a quiche in my life. In fact I'm not even a huge fan of quiche (egg dishes in general are eaten rather sparingly by me. Eggs are a food I need to really WANT to eat before I can stomach it)., nevertheless there it was. Perhaps it was fuelled by the blue skies and, until the past couple of days, glorious sunshine we've been blessed with here in London. Weather like this always makes me think of picnics and pcnics make me think of quiche. It may also have been the fact that for a few days now I've been eyeing a particular quiche recipe with interest. In fact it's almost definitely for that reason. Unfortunately, for those of you out there who are now salivating at the thought of eggy-baked-quichey goodness, I also woke up quite early this morning after rather a late night which followed an incredibly busy and rather stressful week. All of this combined to leave me struggling to find the will to leave the house and go and buy my ingredients. I will be making the tasty looking quiche at some point soon but now back to the results of my foraging.

This is really a recipe that isn't a recipe... it's a collection of things that taste nice together. But it IS summery, and it IS delicious. On foraging through my fridge for food I stumbled upon one of my favourite things in the world: haloumi. It's salty and meaty and just so damn delicious that the moment I saw it beckoning my from the cheese drawer I knew I had to eat it... but what to put it with? We didn't have any aubergine (and all that slicing and salting seemed like way too much effort for me this afternoon anyhow) or chicken or any other kind of meat. The only thing we had was bacon... bacon? Does haloumi GO with bacon? I've never seen it paired together before... but you see bacon with other cheeses (the brie in my fridge was also beckoning me but I have a feeling thats because it's now so out of date it can actually talk so I ignored it's calls) and both haloumi and bacon are pretty salty... so I thought why not? Add a few veggies and these bacon and haloumi skewers were born. I combined them with a mint and yoghurt dip and some wholemeal pita and the result was an absolutely delicious meal that was ready to eat in a matter of minutes!